My name is Scott.  I was born in 1957 and first started working in the screw machine industry in 1976.  I started as a Set-up trainee, and progressed to General Foreman in the same shop by 1983.  We ran three shifts with over 35 machines and a crew of 18 people.
When my wife and I moved farther north, I spent the next six years in a CNC shop making very small microwave connectors held to +/- .0001" tolerance. 
I progressed to Shop Foreman there as well.
Later I spent several years working for a molding company.  I set up a small multi-spindle screw machine department  for them, as well as managing their tool room and plant maintenance departments.
In 1995, I was approached to start a screw machine shop in NH for an out-of-state corporation.   I started with 12 machines and 2500 sq. ft.
Our first shop in Holderness, 1996
After several expansions, we  relocated to a nearby town and filled the shop of 14,000 sq. ft. with 82 screw machines. 
As General Manager, I kept some machines running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with less than a dozen employees.  We were proud of being extremely cost-efficient.  Monitoring cameras enabled the shop foreman and I to view the shop from our home PCs in the off hours.  This way, any breakdowns of hot jobs could be taken care of on a timely basis.
We did more short runs than the average cam shop.  We did a minimum of 150 setups per year, and we cut around 100 sets of cams per year.  We also did  99% of our own repairs, including Esco tool head refurbishing.
I enjoyed training green employees, and felt very proud when they reached the level of doing cam design, cam cutting, and machine repair.
  Having seen too many situations where those with the knowledge were afraid to share it, fearing that those they taught might surpass them, my philosophy has always been to share knowledge and experience. 
Everyone benefits.
We've come a long way since '95!
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A new phase of my life began on June 1st, 2008.   
I left this company I had put my heart and soul into
in order to devote myself to building my own company.
SCANALEX MACHINE  exists to support the screw machine industry.
With 33 years worth of experience, I am in a position to know the needs of the
screw machine shop with an eye to keeping repair costs down. 
Depending on overseas suppliers has always been an expensive handicap, especially for the smaller shop.
I have developed cost-effective and accurate repairs for toolheads, turrets,
and other high-tolerance parts of the Escomatic machine.
I am looking forward to the challenges of this new venture.
In 2006, the shop moved for a third time, this time to it's own building within a large complex.  We again moved everything ourselves, including the machines which now numbered 86.   The move gave us more room for expansion, better lighting, and great loading docks.
Due to changes in the economy and a job offer from my biggest customer,
I decided to accept a full time position working at Ameriswiss Technologies in July of 2010.
I am primarily overseeing the rebuilding of Escomatics from the ground up.
I find it challenging and rewarding work.